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Here at the theater there are two kinds of videos, full length and sample videos. The sample videos are excerpts from titles in our video collection. Just click on a sample video below to watch it. Click Here for Sample Videos. In order to view full length videos you must be an email list member. See below for details.

full length videos

Periodically we post a free, full-legnth video for members of our email list to watch. To see the videos you must be on our list! It's easy and it's free! In addition to the video you will see for signing up we will send you an email when new videos are available to watch for free online. We may also send you emails to let you in on members-only specials and new video titles. Click the link below to sign up.


M135 6x6 truckDiamond T Army dump-truck M26 Dragon Wagon Army TruckRed Ball Express Army truck

This early 1950's Big Picture series film chronicles the epic history of the Army truck from WWI through WWII and the 1950's. VEHICLES SHOWN: JEEP, WWII AND M SERIES TRUCKS, HALFTRACK, TANKS, GPA AND DUKW AMPHIBIAN TRUCKS, MULE, DRAGON WAGON, AND MANY OTHERS. Excellent military vehicle film! 29 min. (Full length video)

sample videos

How do I play these sample videos? To play these videos you will need Windows Media Player version 8 or newer. If you don't have it already (most PCs do, it comes with Windows) you can download or upgrade it for free from HERE.

NOTE: These videos have been heavily compressed so they will play properly over the internet. Unfortunately, this reduces the quality of videos streamed over the internet. The images on the DVDs are of much higher quality.

Come along and see how we restored our 1945 Willys MB jeep. As you see our restoration process you'll also learn from the experts, and realize that you can do it! If you've ever thought of restoring your very own Army Jeep, then this video is for you!
For more information about this video CLICK HERE.
(Sample video)

Hagerstown's aviation history comprises 100 years of innovation, determination, and uncommon personal character. It was forged by local companies making a global impact.
For more information about this video CLICK HERE.
(Sample video)

Video Samples from the 2 hour DVD "Nothing But WWII Jeeps"

These videos are samples from Nothing But WWII Jeeps DVD488. This DVD includes 2 hours of WWII jeep film footage. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

A jeep's own light-hearted story of how it came to be. This unique film presents design, testing and production of the soldier's friend, the Jeep. (Full length video, part of DVD488 "Nothing But WWII Jeeps")

Off road testing in the mud at the proving ground in WWII. (Silent sample video, part of DVD488 "Nothing But WWII Jeeps")

Willys Motor Company promotional film with many excellent views of WWII jeeps. See Willys factory scenes, the jeep in battle and many postwar uses such as farming. (Sample video, part of DVD488 "Nothing But WWII Jeeps")

This War Department film examines the capability of the Jeep-trailer mortar unit during rugged on and off-road testing. (Sample video, part of DVD488 "Nothing But WWII Jeeps")


See WWII jeeps in mass-production as they roll off the assembly line.
(Sample video, part of DVD488 "Nothing But WWII Jeeps")

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